Sessions we offer

Tantric Bodywork

Is a different mixes of massage, bodywork, emotional release and coaching, which supports you to reconnect to yourself and your life force energy.

It will help you to increase your sensitivity through physical touch, which will rise the capacity of your senses and allow your body to feel a lot of different sensations such as pleasure, more access of joy in your life, your sacred power and pleasure on all levels. To leave shame and limiting beliefs behind and experience the gift of fully receiving – without having to give anything back.

Tantric massage only: A tantric massage involves touch of your most intimate parts. The aim is not to feel stimulation, but to circulate energy throughout the whole body, to feel alive and confident in your self. A tantric massage is NOT the same as an erotic massage, meaning it’s not sexual in the same sense. Giving yourself the gift of a tantric massage is helping yourself to feel more love, respect and acceptance of who you are and what your body, soul and spirit needs. Its a deep and intimate way of getting to know your self, your own vitality and inner power.

A tantric massage is trancendental in a way of enhancing your sensations, re-conditioning your ways of connecting to your self and others by integrating your physical and emotional body.

A tantric massage is a wholesome experience by heart in the realms of presence and unconditional love. In this safe space nothing has to happen! We will set clear boundaries and intentions and you are always in full control of what will happen.


This powerful and holistic healing is designed to open the major channels in the physical, emotional and energetic bodies. When they are blocked, Prana (life force energy) cannot flow freely. Emotions become stuck and our energy centres (chakras) cannot functioning properly which creates stiffness, stress, numbness and pain.

This is a trigger point massage, with deep pressure on different points of the body with fingers, knuckles or elbow. De-Armouring helps you to break negative thought patterns, physical tension, suppressed emotions as shame, guilt, anger, fear. Helps to release stress, trauma and numbness throughout your whole emotional, physical, energetical and spiritual body.

De-armouring technique, bringing loving attention to areas of tension, not forcing through armour with brute force but inviting the body to open up. This is for anyone who wants to get more in touch with themselves and their life force. A powerful and holistic bodywork that brings you to the present moment. Allowing whatever arises to be felt and expressed in a safe space. Breath, sound and movement is the foundation of the session. It helps you to be more in contact with your body, supports you to relax and release the body armor.

A body armour is a protection shield created towards the outer world preventing us to live fully. It was created consciously or unconsciously in order to not get hurt again, maybe after a trauma or accident. The more we practice to release, the deeper in contact we come with joy, intuition and our life purpose. If we don’t take care and meet what’s causing the armour, it tends to hardens and desensitizes our bodies and it can show in many different ways as we already mentioned.

Boundaries is a major empowering part of a De-Armouring session and are always agreed on before starting. A session lasts 90 minutes or more dependent of need and wish.

On your first session we recommend you to book 2 hour!

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