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The intense presence of Hanieh created a beautiful safe environment throughout the session. From start, to the very last moment. I felt as if she carried me but at the same time I was in charge of my own exploration.

The session was an expansion of love and connection to the very essence of my true self. A canal to let go of past illusions and revalue my sexuality. I even manage to let go of a 7 year old physical pain thanks to the yoni release. I was and am still STUNNED of the deliberating power of tantra.

Ida, 27

Hanieh is a fantastic tantric therapist who gave me new energy through her presence in our meeting. She listens in a beautiful way to one’s needs.

Jannicke, 38

Through an incredibly loving and safe atmosphere, I was guided back into myself and my body. Through touch my body began to relax more and more. In the beginning I had lots of clothes on, but the session made me more comfortable in my own body and nudity. I was able to take off more and more. Slowly, for the first time, I learned to receive touch and to like it. I learned to express what I really feel, and accept myself.

Nilofar, 38

Tantra helped me get my childhood energy and teen age sexuality back. Once again in my life I can experience this. I thought it was lost forever.

Lina, 45