About us

We are both friends and co-workers, mesmerized by the profound and magical work that tantric techniques does. How Tantra can help you grow closer to your highest potential.

We’re both proud to collaborate to bring you the gift of Tantra in a sacred way we find to be efficient and happy to co-create together.

With our different backgrounds, but same big, vibrant hearts and vision of making Tantra more acceptable, we believe that we can bring you closer to yourself, and from that space, closer to others.


I feel passionate about supporting individuals to listen deeper to the body and heart. Coming from my own experience, I know how important it is to include our body in the healing process. Learn how to relax my nervous system, releasing trauma and emotions, reversing tensions, and reconnecting to my own pleasure and sensations. Giving and receiving love and touch. To live aligned with your inner truth and to be in your power!

My sessions combine a range of physical and energetic practices, and it’s my wish to offer empowerment and transformation through holistic bodywork.

I am a Gothenburg based Tantra therapist, I found Tantra 2015 and ever since then, I am forever grateful to be on this transformative and healing journey. Today i work with tantric sessions for both men and women. These include tantric sessions, trigger point therapy ( de-armouring) and breathwork. Learning Tantra and commit to this practice has completely transformed me on all levels. And i decided to dedicate my life to make this work accessible for others and guide people on the right path through support of love, tantric tools and authenticity. The sessions I offer will make you feel fully connected and alive in your body. My background is in human geography and I have worked with urban planning and sustainable projects for over 7 years.


My focus is on self empowerment to help each of us to live fully free, and fully as you want to be. My aim is to be a vessel for others to allow them to reach their highest potential, peeling off layers of societies conditioning and healing wounds and traumas from past lives and inherited from our present living.

By Tantric Tools incorporating all our senses, through Bodywork, Sound, Meditation and Energetical work such as emotional releases, Trigger point therepy (de-armouring) and reprogramming of our nervous system.
Learning Tantra and fully committing to it by living and practicing it, both in my own way of relating to myself, so as meeting others from a space of unconditional love has fully transformed me. Tantra has helped me fully integrate all parts of me. Tantra helped me beeing able to embody what I, in my head, and intuitively, in my heart and gut, could feel, but not fully live.