Tantric De-Armouring

This powerful and holistic healing is designed to open the major channels in the physical, emotional and energetic bodies. When they are blocked, Prana (life force energy) cannot flow freely. Emotions become stuck and our energy centres (chakras) cannot functioning properly which creates stiffness, stress, numbness and pain.

This is a trigger point massage, with deep pressure on different points of the body. De-armouring helps you to release stress, pain, tensions, trauma and numbness throughout your whole emotional, physical, energetical and spiritual body.  

I only work with external body parts, and for this session i recommend you to book minimum 90 minutes session.

Questions that often are asked

What is a body armour?

When our mind wants to protect it self or our heart, we shield our selves consciously or unconsciously to not get affected, and by that hurt. A body armour is the protection shield we create towards the outer world, which can show in different ways such as numbness, being cold, being fluid (not daring to stay) or being very controlling having a hard time showing vulnerability, letting go or asking for help. It’s being short towards others and in different ways putting up barriers between you self and people instead of letting them in

Why do we create body armours?

A body armour is our psyche’s way of protecting us and it’s meant to serve us. But after a while, when a threat is not longer present, we tend to get stuck in patterns making it hard for us to meet our triggers. When we restrain from letting our feelings and emotions out, we create energetical knots in our body, causing harm. These knots creates different strains such as headache, depression, tensions, stress, and different illnesses in our physical and mental body, preventing you to live fully.

How do you get to the pressure points?

In de-armouring we use our fingers, knuckels and elbows to create pressure.. We can also use sound and smell to create stronger releases.