Tantra Massage

By bringing you into full relaxation and presence, I as your therapist help you establish a healthy re-connection to yourself and your sexuality. I will give you a massage that increases your sensibility through physical touch, which will rise the capacity of your senses and allow your body to feel a lot of different sensations such as pleasure. The massage can be very relaxing but it can also focus on circulating kundalini energy to release blockages and stress in your body to awake it. You will feel a whole new awareness in your body, you will feel alive!

A tantric massage involves touch of your most intimate parts, including your genitals. The aim is not to orgasm, but to circulate energy throughout the whole body, to feel alive and confident in your self.

A tantric massage is NOT the same as an erotic massage, meaning it’s not sexual in the same sense. Giving yourself the gift of a tantric massage is helping yourself to feel more love, respect and acceptance of who you are and what your body, soul and spirit needs. Its a deep and intimate way of getting to know your self, your own vitality and inner power.

A tantric massage is trancendental in a way of enhancing your sensations, re-conditioning your ways of connecting to your self and others by integrating your physical and emotional body.

A tantric massage is a wholesome experience by heart in the realms of presence and unconditional love.