Our Approach To Tantra

For us Tantra is a spiritual path and a lifestyle, that teaches us how to find fulfilment in all aspects of our lives. In everything from sexuality, our physical and mental health to our relationships. Tantra helps us with tools to understand topics around our sexuality, love and how to be authentic and true to ourselves. Tantra helps us to reveal our masks of conditioning, to unfold the layers we hide behind to function in this world. Tantra helps us to dare to be vulnerable, open and let go.

Tantra allows us to be fully free, to be fully me.

In our super modern society many of us often feel lost in transition between beeing true to ourselves and beeing able to live in, to cope with the outer world. We might feel a lack of balance between our inner world, and the world surrounding us.

Sometimes it feels like a language for spirituality, something connecting us, to ur inner core, to a higher self, is missing. Tantra can become a way for us to feel more ecstatic, to feel a deeper meaning in life and to really feel alive. 

Tantra is a path of transformation which helps us to develop toward our highest potential. To find a meaning, when we feel emptiness within us. It’s a true connection with our depth within, with our soul. 

The Tantrics were incredibly result oriented, and their approach have therefore passed on very valuable tools and techniques that can give us insight into how we can use our body, our emotions, our mind and our environment in our favour. Unlike some other traditions Tantra accepts sexual energy and may use it as a tool to higher consciousness, to enter the realms of the divine – but that is just one way among many.