How does a session work?

A session with either Hanieh our Jaandrée is an authentic meeting here and now. A meeting in presence where you can explore yourself, a meeting to dive deep facing your limitations and encountering your strengths. A meeting between physical body, mind, heart and soul in nudity, vulnerability, openness and bravery.

A session always starts with a consultation, where you set your intention and present your aim with the session. From there on, the one of us you meet will use her intuition to gently guide you as deep as possible through a combination of meditation and awareness, movement, sound and bodywork. Profounding the work through tantric body work, energy work and reprogramming your nervous system. 

Knowing that your boundaries are respected at all time and that you are in highly respectful hands, so you fully can trust, feel safe, and let go.

A session time includes consultation and integration in the end.

Importance of integration after a session

Before finishing a session you are guided in to a space of deep rest. A space to integrate what you’ve experienced, a space to let the deep healing continue without interruption or distractions.

Taking the time to fully surrender and let go is important for letting real change in. Integration means you give your self time and space to be affected of what you’ve been experiencing.

It’s time to fully be relaxed and held. A chance to feel the full effect and transformation the session is offering your whole mental, physical, emotional, energetical and spiritual body. Time to reconnect to yourself.

Sessions do NOT include sexual services such as intercourse or exchange of bodily fluids, kissing etc. You can choose the level of nudity depending on your own comfortability. Most clients choose to be nude ( this is optional). The therapist is never nude.

Please arrive fresh and clean and bring a sarong with you.